OUT NOW: ‘RATTLE LP’ by Rattle 05/08/16 (OWN008/UTR082)

RATTLELPThe debut LP by Rattle is available from all good record shops NOW in conjunction with Upset the Rhythm. We could talk to you exhaustively about how great it is, but don’t take our word for it…


“Rattle’s greatest accomplishment is managing to paint in black and white and produce the effect of colourful variety, to deconstruct the magic of music with subversive simplicity and create something new.”  – The Quietus

“The fragile beauty of these songs sounds, more often than not, rather vital.” – Mojo

“Tension built on space and air, a cool, refreshing breeze.” – Wire

“With just two kits and their beguiling voices, the duo have created a jigsaw of a debut – and not one of those frustrating puzzles with 1000 tiny pieces, but a fast-paced game full of constant discovery and reward.” – Drowned in Sound 9/10

“Comparisons could be made to The Raincoats, to the Slits’ unjustly neglected second album, to ESG, even, but in reality Rattle sit in their own onomatopoeic universe.” – Clash Magazine

“The two women of Rattle seem to regard their rhythms like pieces from a K’Nex kit; snap one here, another there, now break this off and now wa-la, they’ve turned a house into a hovercraft. The sky’s the limit when you let your imagination take the wheel.” – Collapse Board

“Utterly hypnotic.” – Narc 4/5

“Wonderfully captivating.” – Gold Flake Paint

“An enigmatic listen, crying out for your own reading.” – The Skinny

“Their sparse, oddly hypnotic music sounds utterly unique.” – Clash Magazine

Label: I Own You / Upset The Rhythm
Catalogue Number: OWN008 / UTR082
Formats: CD / LP / Digital
Running Time: 46 mins
Release Date: 5th August 2016

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